Bent Paddle Brewery & Hartley Nature Preserve Anniversary Session // Duluth, MN // Josiah & Angie

Happy hump day!  Today I’m attempting to catch up on some photography things (hence another blog post!), while my kiddos destroy my kitchen with play-doh and leave cracker crumbs everywhere they go.  A day in the life, haha!

I am so excited to share bits from this amazing anniversary session with Josiah and Angie.  These two planned an annual anniversary trip to one of their favorite areas, Duluth, MN, and invited me up to  hang out with them at Bent Paddle Brewery and Hartley Nature Preserve.

Josiah and Angie love to travel and visit local breweries together whether they are close to home, out of state, or wherever there adventures take them.  It was really fun and special to capture these two in their element, and sharing some intimate moments as they celebrated two years of marriage together.  These are the sessions I get so excited about!  The one’s that really share the parts of people that make them who they are, the one’s that produce the real love and emotion between people, and the one’s that allow me to create WITH my clients.

So, I hope you enjoy getting to know these two a bit as you take a peek at them snuggling up with some local beers, and laughing and getting cozy during a gorgeous, fall sunset at Hartley!

A special thanks to Bent Paddle Brewing Company for letting us shoot in their super cool location – be sure to check them out the next time you’re in Duluth!

And now, I’m off to feed the crazies – I mean littles – some lunch and rescue my house from TTD (aka total toddler destruction)!  Have a great Wednesday all!



  1. Angela Lee says:

    Love this! You have such an amazing talent for capturing special moments and everyday life. 🙂
    Thanks for capturing this special memory. Looking forward to seeing your future blog posts.

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